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Ross McDonald


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I started my developer journey in early 2019 when I picked up programming as a new hobby. I started with Python and was quickly hooked, learning from tutorials, articles, and trial and error. Since then my knowledge and skills have expanded. I have a lot of experience with Django, I've learnt HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and have some experience with React, AWS, PHP and TypeScript.

I have a particular interest in data, language and webapps. I've made several apps, one to improve stock management, another for recording film reviews. I have also undertaken my own data analysis and Natural Language Processing, including a recent project which looked at language in Guardian articles during the pandemic.

Currently I am working as a Web Developer at a digital marketing agency in Edinburgh, where I work on a variety of projects, utilising the different langauges and frameworks I know.


Problem Solver

I can break down problems into solvable chunks, and I am able to come at it from whatever angle it needs.


I manage my time, meet deadlines, keep projects tidy and well commented, and communicate changes.


I can quickly pick up new languages and concepts, and I am able to find and understand documentation.


I bring creative flair, striking design and positive energy into all my project, alongside a unique outlook.


Stock ordering and management system

This project is ongoing and is being built in Django. At the moment the purpose of the programme is to help small businesses save time with stock orders, and help them order the correct amount. Initially the user sets up Supplier and Product models. They then count what they have in stock and enter it into the webapp. The app generates on Order model, breaking down what to order for which supplier and the total and individual cost.
I plan to add a full stock management system into the app, which will automatically produce order reports and help cut down on waste.

Film Review App

This project is ongoing and is being built in Django. It features an account system made with the AllAuth package, and the feature to add reviews uses CKEditor and CrispyForms. Many of the models are linked either with ForeignKeys or ManytoMany, allowing for custom querysets to present all the reviews for certain films, genres, or by user, but this could also be expanded to include date, rating or any future information added.

Guardian Articles on the Pandemic

I was interested in how language had changed during the pandemic, so I used the Guardian API to collate their articles tagged uk-news related to it. I considered how the use of certain words and phrases changed, such as 'unprecedented' and 'new normal', I also used this as a way to experiment with how VADER sentiment analysis performed when used on cleaned vs uncleaned text, and on analysing the whole article vs one sentence at a time. The code was written in Python and I made use of Pandas, Numpy, NLTK and MatPlotLib.

Emily Cullen, Cartoonist

I created this website as a commission for an artist. The main body was built with HTML and CSS, making use of BootStrap in parts. While I used JavaScript and JQuery to create the interactive elements.


You can reach me at

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